Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Recent makes of the month

Sorry this is late guys, theses are my recent makes of last month. 

This dress is a little twist on a basic t-shirt dress, with vertical white stripes across with sheer front and back. I really enjoyed making this one, i just drew up a quick sketch and started sewing. The fabric is from the textiles shops in shepherds bush. I created the pattern by using the dimensions of an oversized tee. The only problem I faced was aligning the strips correctly for the front and back. I found it quite difficult to hem the bottom because I didn't align the lines properly causing it to look wonky. Other than that I am happy with the finished result. 
What do you guys think?

This mesh crop top was just a quick make with basic front and back pieces and no hemmed edges. I am a lover of 90s fashion and was so inspired to make a crop top like this. Its just a cool way to add a bit of edginess to an outfit.   

 As you know from my recent post jewellery making is my new hobby. So I made two more hand chains to add to my collection. I really do enjoy making them,they just dress up any outfit and are great gifts to give by personalising it however way you like. I have posted one of handchains on Depop from two blog post ago. If your interested you can find me at Bira Belle.


My new YouTube channel

Hey guys hope your all well. just wanted to let you guys know I have a youtube channel now I've had one for a while but wasn't very consistent with it. So I've decided to start up again, hopefully being more consistent the end of this year and next year. My channel will consist of fashion videos, DIYS, lookbooks and hauls.  hope you guys enjoy,
 click the link below to check out my channel and watch the video below for my winter lookbook.

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