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Friday, 3 March 2017

You have the same hours in the day as Queen B

So those that know me, know I like to challenge myself every now and again . So a couple months back I decided to set myself the challenge to make from scratch an inspired Roberto Cavali dress worn by non other than miss queen B from her lemonade visual album. I did this for two reasons one, because I like to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to sewing in order to expand and learn new things about my craft. Two, because I like what the dress symbolised to me. I have always loved Beyonce and the work she does and will always appreciate her as an artist.  Her work ethic is insane and I love that when she wants something she does goes out and gets it. I remember seeing this meme  that said, "you have the same hours in the day as Beyonce" once I read that it made me think yeah why cant I aim to do the same if not better. So I guess in a corny cliche way the dress was my way of 'channeling' my inner Beyonce.  Which really if you think about it everyone wants to or has at one point or another in their life , right ? 



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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Camo desert chic

Hey guys, oh how im missed sharing with you guys.

I know I have been outrageously M.I.A on here but i'm gonna try my best to become more consist again. 

So to kick things off here is belted corseted camo ennoble.  You guys know this look has been going around everywhere lately. So I though i'd try it with a twist of my own.  My thrifted mens DIY camo top gives it a tomboy slouchy look. While the belt cinches in my waist and adds a utilitarian vibe and brings the whole outfit together. 

You guys know i love a good thrift find and this outfit is a prime example. Other than my jewellery and boots everything else is from a charity shop even down to this gorgeous emerald green faux fur coat.

Sweater dress - Thrifted   
Belt- Thrifted  
Boots- River Island 
Faux Fur coat - Thrifted 

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