Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thrifted Lookbook S'S



I literally fell involve when I saw this jacket. Its just so classic, the shoulder pads really make the jacket I think it wouldn't have the same effect with them. I defiantly wanted to capture that Grace Jones vibes. 

Jacket- Thrifted 
Bralet- Newlook
Jeans - levis 
Shoes- Converse


Monday, 22 June 2015

☼ Summer thrifted finds ✈

Hey guys 

So going on holiday for the summer can always be really expensive, especially when it comes to buying clothes. So thrifting is always the answer for me to try and save as much as I can wherever I can. And I found going out retail shopping is just so tedious and boring, theres nothing unique or exciting half the time so I just find myself going to charity shops in the end. You find some really cool pieces and save some money at the same time whats not to love.  

Mesh vest / Tank top / Retro sunnies 

I found this cool mesh vest for only £1.75 that I've been on the look out for a while. I'm just gonna wear it as a cover up over my bikini. I'm hoping to find another in black soon. Then just found this light New York tank top for £1.75 as well originally from miss Selfridge.

Calvin klein denim skirt button front 

More denim!! yes this is a real denim Calvin Klein denim skirt. the fit is amazing and so 90's. It was only £8

Denim highwaisted Levi shorts

It was too good to be true when I found theses highwaisted Levis as when I tried them on all excited to buy them I realised the zip was broken. I was crushed but that did not stop me I still brought them, no way was I leaving them for only £1. 

Light wash highwaisted shorts 

Got another pair of shorts for £1.99

Omg!! found some cool sunnies, theses where such steel. Only £5 for both. the pair above are so 70's retro, and the pair below reminds me of the round Ray bands which retails at £113. 

Sunglasses collection 



Friday, 19 June 2015


Hey guys I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather. 

Today's post is al little different as you can see, I'm wearing a hat, which is something I never usually do. I have a few hats at home but I always never seem to wear them in the end, they just sit there collecting dust. I think there is two reasons for this,one is all of them are black and just blend in with hair and secondly I feel my hair is too short to style hats. So I was on a hunt for a coloured hat, preferably this colour. And I did! I love the colour and the wide brim, it's great for thoses bad hair days. 

I just styled it with my notorious highwaisted Levi's and a little grey crop top. For my jewellery im wearing my beautiful silver coin necklace from Luna accessories.



Thursday, 4 June 2015

classic denim

Hey guys

I've been shopping again :) Its been so long since I've found a real gem while thrifting, but thankfully that dry spell has passed. I've been picking up some real good pieces lately, amongst it all is this beautiful classic denim floor length jacket/dress. As soon as I sore it I snapped it right up, can you believe it was only £3. I love the cut and fall of it, its dress up an outfit while still looking and feeling casual. 
And omg! the movement of it when it blows in the wind  has you feeling like your walking down a catwalk or in a scene of the matrix hahaha. Hands down one of my favourite thrifts I've found in while.


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